Osborn Customize Lanyards

Osborn is a foodservice company in the United States of America. It has some top brand in food fields, like Tyson, McCain, General Mills, Dart and so on. Any food you want can get from here. Osborn has owned thousands of employees. In order to manage and create better environment for company, they have designed the Osborn Customize Lanyards for employees, and their work card need to be fixed on the customize lanyards.

The Osborn Customize Lanyards is made by polyester fabric material filled with yellow color. The cheap lanyards with polyester material were easy for cleaning. As you can see from the picture, one side of the cheap lanyards have attached graphic of Osborn. “Foodservice” is the main business of Osborn. Generally, the silkscreen printing process is the most popular ways for printing. The words printed on the Osborn Customize Lanyards cannot fall off. The black word added with the yellow background is unique and special. But only single side of the customize lanyards has applied to the printing process.

The bulldog clip attachment is practical. Your ID badges, keys and other cards need to rely on the attachment. Here, you get a lucky opportunity. GS-JJ can provide you the best design for free. If you want to purchase the personalized lanyards no minimum, don’t miss the opportunity. Our telephone number is 1 . Official Email is . Website is https:///lanyards/Custom-Lanyards

Custom Lanyards Size: 0.75"*34"

Material: Polyester Fabric

Style: Polyester Lanyards

Printing Process: Silkscreen Printing

Attachment: Metal Bulldog Clip

Packaging: 50 or 100 pcs per bag

Andul, 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789



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